A snap shot of each band and their prices for everyone who wants a whistle stop tour of what we've got on offer!

Firstly I should point out the similarities of our bands before I go on to the differences! All of our bands come with a PA and lighting system to light up your stage and your dance floor (and use of our equipment from set up until midnight outside Greater London, or until 1am within Greater London); they offer complimentary music before, in between, and after live sets if needed; an ‘off the menu’ song request (which is often the first dance); a tailored set list from hundreds of songs; and travel.

Below we have a little blurb of each band for all you busy people that just want everything neatly written out for you in an easy to digest list with lots of pretty pictures. :)

The Valentines Duo

The Valentines - A duo composed of female vocals, keys, sax, double bass, electric bass and backing tracks. Dreamy vocals, with a varied repertoire covering pop, soul, jazz, and lounge.  Well versed in their repertoire because they've tried and tested every song at hotel residencies in Mallorca! Saturday London Fee: £610

All Nighters indie rock band for hire

All Nighters - A male fronted pop and rock trio. Cost effective and exceptionally talented. Can play with or without backing tracks for a fuller or more real sound. Saturday London Fee: £850

The Ignitions indie rock party band for hire

The Ignitions - Our male fronted rocky 4-piece band composed of lead male vocals on rhythm guitar, bass, lead guitar, and drums (with backing vocals). Saturday London Fee: £1090

The Affections party band for hire

The Affections - Our most popular option, a compact 4-piece pop, funk and soul party band. Led by the beautiful Claire, with gorgeous tones to match. This band is comprised of one lead female vocal, bass, guitar, drums. Backing tracks available at request. Saturday London Fee: £1090

Velvet Diamond Jazz Soul Band for hire

Velvet Diamond - Our jazz-soul band, fronted by the beautiful and talented Najwa Ezzaher of The Voice. Much more than a vocalist, she touches souls when she performs. The band composed of 1 vocal, bass, guitar, keys, and drums can also do upbeat party music and is flexible in their lineup from a 3 to 5 piece. Saturday London Fee: £850-£1330

The Treasures band for hire

The Treasures - Our Supreme Collective house 5 piece party band, with lead female vocals, bass, guitar, keys, and drums. Playing the best pop, funk and soul dance floor fillers. Saturday London Fee: £1330

Soul Allegiance Party Band for Hire

Soul Allegiance - Our hiphop, pop, soul and Motown party band, with two lead female vocals, and rapper to boot! For lovers of modern club music and classic soul dance floor fillers. The band consists of 2 female vocals, keys / rapper, bass / synth bass, guitar, and drums (that’s 6 people). Saturday London Fee: £1570

The Sensations band for hire

The Sensations - Our 7-piece pop, funk and soul party band with brass. With male and female lead vocals and full backing band of keys, guitar, bass, drums and sax, this band has full impact and a wow factor. Saturday London Fee: £1659

The Horizons - Our classy 6-piece pop, funk and soul party band. Led by Sean, who is an X Factor and The Voice star with over 5 million YouTube views, and Ruby who is a singer, dancer, performer extraordinaire. The band is backed by bass, guitar, keys, and drums. Ideal for long contracts abroad and on cruise liners. Saturday London Fee: £1570. Monthly Residency Fee: £11,100

The Supreme Collective Big Band for hire

The Supreme Collective Big Band – The Party Band comes most commonly as a 10-piece band, but can do anything from a 8-10 piece. You can specifically request your vocalist from any of our bands, as well as tailor your set list from over 600 songs. Saturday London Fee: £2050-£2530