Please get in touch with as much detail on what you require and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a tailored quote.  Fees are dependent on location, band size, and audience size, as with larger audiences we may need to hire extra equipment.


Space for the band

Generally speaking a 3 x 6m space is ample for the full 10 piece band. However if your performance space is smaller than this we will most likely be able to position band members to accommodate everyone. The space sizes listed below can be considered as comfortable minimums for the band:

10 piece - 5x2m
9 piece - 5x2m
8 piece - 4x2m
7 piece - 4x2m
6 piece - 2x3m
5 piece - 2x3m
4 piece - 2x2m
3 piece - 3x1m
2 piece - 2x1m



We can provide the perfect band to fit your budget, ranging from duos through to our full 10 piece band. We are also happy to add extras on if you wish. Below is the line up you can usually expect depending on the size of band requested: 

10 piece band - 3 vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, sax, trombone
9 piece band - 3 vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, sax
8 piece band - 2 vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, trumpet, sax
7 piece band - 3 vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums
6 piece band - 2 vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums
5 piece band - 1 vocal, guitar, bass, keys, drums
4 piece band - 1 vocal, guitar bass, drums
3 piece band - 1 vocal, bass, guitar
2 piece band - 1 vocal, guitar



We are based in London, and are happy to travel to any gig within Greater London for free. We are always happy to travel further afield for a performance, and we do frequently travel outside of London for shows. We have set fees to cover our travel expenses and overnight accommodation if necessary. 



The band tries to fit a showcase in every 3 months in Central London when their schedule allows. 



Requesting specific singers and musicians can be difficult for us as most bookings are made so far in advance, and as musicians need to be able to take holidays and time off for other projects we don't like to guarantee specific singers or musicians. It all boils down to who is available much closer to the time. 

As a collective of musicians, each member has been selected for their high standard of performance and for their talent, therefore we can guarantee that you will be impressed by the band.  Our collective is composed of the best of the best singers and musicians out there, on top of this these musicians are rigorously rehearsed.  This dedication from everyone in the team is what gives us such a good reputation, and is what captivates audiences wholly. 

On that same note, since our collective is so dedicated and talented, they are often used in session work and for other bands, which furthermore reflects their demand in the industry. For this reason we do swap band members around due to other commitments that arise. 

Unless circumstances beyond our control occur the vocalists featured in our videos can be expected to attend 80-90% of live performances. For the occasions that they need to be replaced, we have a roster of equally talented vocalists ready to step in, many of whom are West End performers and The Voice finalists. 



Please feel free to let us know which songs from our repertoire are your favourites. That way we can get a feel for your taste of music and we can design the set list around your preferences. 

Often a lot of songs that are favourite classics are actually dance floor killers, and it can be quite hard to get everyone back to the dance floor afterwards. Moreover we have designed set lists in particular ways with medleys integrated into them to keep your guests on the dance floor and to keep the party moving! 

So our preferred option is for you to use the traffic light system and indicate which songs from our repertoire are green, amber and red. That way we can design the set list around your preferences and we can suggest some options that you might have overlooked. 



As a working band, we work with a roster of official 'deps' or understudies ready to step in at a moments notice should an unforeseen circumstance occur. They are professional well-rehearsed musicians representing the best talent out there, and for this reason we can guarantee the quality of our performance will not falter. It is actually not uncommon for us to rotate between musicians to allow for time off for holidays, and other projects. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that if a band member falls ill we will be able to have another member of our collective step in seamlessly.



The minimum set up time required is 60 minutes. However it's best to schedule in 90 - 120 minutes to mitigate any unforeseen issues that might arise. The band will work quickly to set up and sound check as soon as possible. Sound checking is very important for us as it means we'll be able to avoid poor sound quality, feedback, and other technical sound issues which could arise throughout the performance. A good sound check means you'll get a great performance. 



All the hard work the band puts in from traveling to your venue, setting up, and working well into the night makes the band quite hungry and thirsty! So they would very much appreciate being fed and watered during a break. They don't expect a 3 course meal, and they don't drink on the job, but it's true that a happy band always results in a happy performance. 



Sound limiters can be quite a problem, because they read bass frequencies more than anything else, and as soon as the bass drum and bass guitar begins the power will cut. If you are hoping to get people dancing at your event then we advise against hiring a venue with a sound limiter as it will really lower the tone quite a bit, and the band will be distracted trying to keep within the sound limits as to avoid tripping the power which will kill all the lights not to mention potentially damage our equipment. 



We have all of our promo material accessible on our website, which can be accessed from smartphone and tablet too. Also our music can be downloaded for your personal use. We don't usually send out hard copies of our promotion material as it allows us to keep our costs down by avoiding this expense.