Get To Know Phoebe...

London wedding band singer Phoebe

Accomplished, experienced, and signed to a recording label, singer-songwriter, Phoebe, spends half her time in the UK writing music, and the other half of her time in the studio in LA recording for record labels. Phoebe has written and recorded with the likes of Pharrell Williams, and has been mentored by Simon Cowell as an X Factor finalist. Phoebe has classic pop tones in her vocal and loves to party on stage. Phoebe can fit seamlesslesy into any of our party band line ups, ranging from a duo, trio, 4pc, right through the to full 10 piece band. So if you like her vocals just drop us a line and we'll book her for your special day. 

Phoebe's Favorites

Food: Fish and Chips

Colour: Baby Blue

Song: oh gosh so many!! At the moment I love 'Only love can hurt like this' Paloma Faith

Artist: Aretha Franklin and Beyonce

Sport: I love running and badminton

Drink: I love apple juice and red wine 

Thing to do in your down time: I love to go in to central London shopping or looking around the museums.

Diary Entry 25th May 2017: Joe and Kirsten's wedding

Last weekend we performed and partied away on stage with the fabulous Joe and Kirsten.

Joe and Kirsten chose me and Claire to sing at there wedding and that just works out perfect as we live fairly close to each other! We set off from London to Eastington Park which is a beautiful manor house near Bristol / Bath.

It took us about two hours to drive there and of course we stopped for coffee on the way! We usually get to gigs about 4/5 hours before we are meant to go on stage because we like to sound check before the guests arrive - we also have to do our hair and make up, to perfection of course!

The venue itself was truly beautiful and not only oozed elegance but it had a really homely vibe to it. We were in our changing room and exploring the grounds for about 3 hours before we were called to soundcheck. In this time guests were finishing up their food (which looked amazing by the way) and cutting the cake. 

We hopped on to the stage and completing our sound check and then all the guests came in. They immediately joined in the fun and started dancing away with us as we usually open with the crowd pleasing 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin, which always gets everyone going! For this gig the songs that were chosen by Joe and Kirsten were absolutely excellent! They chose a mix of pop and Motown - which I especially love. We have a lot of songs for clients to choose from so we are always open to singing nearly anything but some of my all time faves were performed like Bruno Mars's 'Uptown Funk'.

Claire and I indeed partied on stage and even went in to the audience with the guests - Claire is excellent at getting the party going and we really do have fun on stage together - I always love to sing with Claire, we have a really good connection and chemistry on stage together.

After our party band performance came to an end, we naturally did an encore and still the guest were hoping for more.  We had to call it a night at midnight due to the venue's live music lisence which runs til midnight. The band packed up and we left the gig and headed home at about 1am!

Overall the gig was awesome and I wish Joe and Kirsten all of the happiness in the world!

Phoebe x