Ah LOVE, it's a classic for a wedding. Brilliant for guests to get involved with, perfect for selfies, and perfect setting the scene, just in case people forgot what a having a wedding was all about. 

Love Light Up Letters.jpg

Mr & Mrs 

Or Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs for that matter! These gorgeous light up letters look fabulous behind the top table for the wedding breakfast, and also look pretty fantastic right at the front of the dance floor either in front of the band if they're on a stage or to the side of the band area if the party band aren't elevated. Also, you can always swap the '&' for a heart with arrow through it. Super cute!


First Initial & First Initial

Another great one for behind the top table, or in the ceremony hall. Elegant, minimalist, and another great tool for making your special day interactive for all those selfie takers. Also cheap and cheerful, which we all like when it comes to budgeting for one of the biggest celebrations you'll ever throw. 

Lauren & Will Light Up Letters

Milestone Age

Whether you're 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 or 60, a milestone number is worth shouting about. Most often seen at birthdays, corporate anniversaries and wedding anniversaries. Because the milestone age is just two digits, this neat little package doesn't come with a huge price tag either, much like the first initial & first initial package above. So you don't need to feel guilty about tacking this one on to your event tab. We actually did a triple birthday celebration at the end of 2016 where we had the 18, 21, and 50 at the front of the stage between the stage and the dance floor and it looked really fantastic, you can check out Angus, Bertie and Natasha's feedback here

60 Milestone Age Light Up Numbers

Cinema Style Sign

Quirky cinema sign in an adorable heart-shape where you can tailor the wording to suit your personalities. The little red lights give the echo of romantic kisses studded along the outline of the sign. Beautiful piece for right outside the ceremony hall for all of you trend-setting brides and grooms. 

Cinema Style Sign Light Up Signs