Disco T-Bar

A disco T-bar is a standard DJ piece of equipment, but looks great behind a band or at the side of the stage, better yet, two of them! Our disco t-bars light up and flash with the sound of the beat, which means the more beats per minute in a song, the faster the lights will flash, creating a more exciting, exhilarating atmosphere. The great thing about the disco t-bar is that there are uplights on the bars which can be pointed any direction you prefer. We often point half on the dance floor, and half on the band. We always bring our disco t-bars along with us to gigs, so you can always count on a party atmosphere when you hire a band from The Supreme Collective. Check out a clip from Maria and Tim’s wedding as an example of the effects of the disco t-bar. 


LED Disco Ball

We also bring our LED disco ball to gigs. This is another amazing piece of equipment, often found along-side DJs, and looks great on the dance floor. When you hire a band through The Supreme Collective, we bring an LED disco ball with us. If a low level fogger or smoke machine is booked too the LED lights will be even more enhanced and you’ll get to see exactly where all those LED lights are shining off to. Again, we often have this set to move with the sound giving an added movement effect to the dance floor especially when the beat picks up. These lights really help people loosen up on the dance floor and encourage all generations to show us their moves, no matter how rusty they may be! 

hire a band with an LED disco ball


Moving Heads

This isn’t a standard part of our packages, though we’re more than happy to hire them in. They give a really classy high-end feel to any event. They look great with white light on podiums designed to carry these little moving heads. Even just 4 of these are ideal, and having them pointed on the dance floor and across the stage makes everything look really epic and high end. 

Hire a band with moving heads


Starlit Backdrop

I just LOVE a backdrop, but it has to be white, and it has to be starlit! Sorry I'm a little bit fussy!! You can get back cloth starlit backdrops, which are great for creating an intimate atmosphere, everyone feels more secure in a dark room, it's natural instinct! But my favourite are the white ones, they just look great on camera, and lets face it, it's the photos that you look back on to remember the special occasion. If you’re crafty you can make your own with some satin or similar transparent light weight fabric and a large box of Christmas lights, but really, who’s got time for that? The other thing is if you make your own backdrop you’ll need to find a way of hanging it up behind the band area (or top table for that matter). The ones we use come with a sach along the top giving that added finish, and a pole for hanging the curtain and lights on. It is essentially just a thin bit of fabric with fairy lights, but my goodness does it transform an area, especially if you’ve got an unsightly wall that you really want hidden! 

band for hire with star lit backdrop



You can never have enough uplights, they are so versatile! And they look great behind the starlit backdrop too (see the moving heads picture with the blue starlit backdrop - totally gorgeous!). If you’re cramped for space, these little uplights are great because they’re so small they can be tucked away just about anywhere. Uplighters are ideal for placing around the room and on the stage, pointed, you guessed it, upwards at the ceiling, and lighting up the wall in doing so. If these lights are linked to a DMX controller then the lights can change colour in synchronicity, or in cannon effect which takes uplights to another level giving an absolute feast for the eyes. Below is a short clip from Angela and Francesco’s wedding last year where they had a tipi, and we didn’t have room for our t-bar disco bars to fit but quite easily squeezed our uplights (and our drummer) in at the edge of the tipi. They had a beautiful disco ball at the top of the tipi and some lush fairy lights to complete the lighting in the tipi. It all came together really well, and the band went down a storm too!